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Local Seed

Butterwick’s native trees are produced from seed collected from North East woods by school groups and volunteers. They gather around 100,000 acorns and half a tonne of Hawthorn berries each year. As they are grown from local seed the trees are perfectly adapted for the North East climate.

Local People

Butterwick Trees CIC is a social enterprise involved with training, tree growing and the community. We can help people achieve City & Guilds qualifications in Horticulture and provide training which includes: sports turf, fruit & vegetable growing and of course, tree & shrub production.

Local Trees

There are thousands of different tree species, hybrids, cultivars and varieties in the UK. However, according to some sources there are only 33 that are UK natives.

Some of our Products


  • Sorbus_intermedia

    Swedish Whitebeam

    (Sorbus intermedia)
  • silver-birch

    Silver Birch

    (Betula pendula)
  • rowan


    (Sorbus aucaparia)
  • purple-beech

    Purple Beech

    (Fagus sylvatica purpurea)
  • Apple-Orchard

    Apple Trees

    12 Varieties
  • file000824117114

    Large Trees

    (Container Grown)

  • blackthorn-hedge


    (Prunus spinosa)
  • dog-rose

    Dog Rose

    (Rosa canina)
  • mixedhedge

    Farm Hedge Pack

    ( £ / per metre )

  • european-larch

    European Larch

    (Larix decidua)
  • CallunaVulgaris


    (Calluna vulgaris)
  • scots-pine

    Scots Pine

    (Pinus sylvestris)

  • bamboo

    Bamboo Canes

  • tree_guards

    Rabbit Spirals

    (Clear, 60cm)
  • stakes


    (Tree Supports)
  • shelters

    Tree Shelters